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United Way and Pizza Hut are Teaming Up

Dear Colleagues & Friends,
Several area Pizza Huts are teaming up with United Way of South Central Georgia to help feed our region’s hungry by providing you with a great deal for feeding your own family. You can help us feed many of our neighbors by (1) eating at Pizza Hut on April 15 and (2) spreading word of this event to as many people as possible.
On Tuesday, April 15, the Pizza Huts in Ashburn, Fitzgerld and Tifton will be setting aside a portion of sales to give to United Way (between 10 and 20 percent, depending on total sales).

United Way will be using these donations to help underwrite our Basic Nutrition efforts, currently consisting of monthly support to Backpack Buddies (Turner), Christian Kitchen (Ben Hill), Meals on Wheels (Tift) and Tifton Soup Kitchen.
To participate, all you need to do is purchase a meal at Pizza Hut any time on April 15, presenting the attached voucher with your payment for in-store and phoned-in orders or using the promotion code ‘UNITEDWAY’ for online orders. You can participate by eating in the restaurant, picking up an order for carryout, or choosing delivery where available.
IF YOU DINE IN during the evening hours (sometime between 5pm and 7:30pm, depending on location), you can get a free child’s buffet with purchase of an adult buffet. So there you have it: A great deal for feeding your family and a great deed in increasing food resources for neighbors in need.
If you will take one more step, please help us spread the word about this exciting event by (1) forwarding this email to contact lists as you are able, (2) posting the voucher to your social media accounts (or sharing it from the United Way of South Central Georgia Fb, Twitter and LinkedIn pages), (3) printing vouchers to share with employees, customers and/or colleagues, and (4) using any other creative outlet that you will to spread the word!
Thank you for your support. Let’s feed lots of area folks through this effort. Happy eating on Tuesday!

Greg Millette, Executive Director
United Way of South Central Georgia, Inc.


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