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SE Bioenergy Conference

Aug 4, 2011 by Source


The Program Committee has decided to invite the public free of charge.to hear American Ethanol Toyota Camry driver Kenny Wallace open the SE Bioenergy Conference on August 9th at 8:30 a.m. If they decide to stay for the remainder of the conference, they must register. Registration is $175, a bargain.

Immediately following Wallace, speakers from Europe, Brazil, China and the US will discuss world and regional bioenergy markets and the Southeast’s potential for bioenergy market potential, and Georgia Ag Commissioner Gary Black will headline the luncheon.

The Conference features sessions on energy crops, converting waste to energy, how to make “green” gasoline from wood or grass, what the Air Force, USDA, EPA and DOE are doing to advance U.S. renewable fuels, also financing, algae and building coalitions. Day 3 includes real-world experiences from local businesses, like Pippin’s solar farm near Albany and you can even see a net-zero energy home now under construction in Tifton’s Historic District.

Sponsorships are still available from $175 to $5,000 and exhibit space is available for $550. Registration is $175 and using the words from an attendee at last year’s conference, “it is the best $175 I ever spent.” For more information or to sponsor, exhibit, or register, visit www.sebioenergy.org or call Evelyn at 229-386-7274.

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