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"It Costs More to be Uncomfortable"

Jul 21, 2011 by Source

On August 2nd at 6:00 p.m. in the seminar room of NESPL, UGA-Tifton, Joe Medosch a certified energy auditor and consultant will offer the first of a series on looking for ways to save energy in our homes and businesses. Ple

“It Costs More To Be Uncomfortable”, Basic building science for everyone. Educational series on How to reduce your energy bill and increase comfort in your home.

Mr. Medosch plans to offer a monthly 90min. class that provides energy saving techniques that home-dwellers (owners & renters) can perform in all areas of the home. The class will demonstrate why traditional homes, old and new, are not energy efficient and how small installations in the home can make us uncomfortable and effect our energy bill.

Topics Include:

• How to make sense of your electric bill and monitor the changes. Am I paying the same rate all the time?
• Energy savings in the kitchen and laundry.
• Calculate lighting usage and savings.
• Reduce Water usage, inside and out.
• How to determine when an appliance should be replaced or upgraded.
• What are the serious risks in sealing a house?
• What are viable solutions for crawl spaces.
• What is a good payback for an investment.
• Which is a better investment, sealing the house or adding insulation?
• What can a homeowner perform vs a professional.
• How to qualify a professional or a Heating and Cooling contractor.

The class is not providing or selling any services or products, just educating home-dwellers (owners & renters) like yourselves.

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Presented by: Joe Medosch
Energy Auditor & Comfort Consultant
Energy & Environmental Consulting
Energy Management Instructor at Moultrie Technical College, Tifton

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